WordPress is among the most robust website platforms in the world, as it is used by more than 74 million websites that are currently on the web. As a content management system (CMS), it provides you with the tools necessary to get up and running quickly, while also offering the scalability required to create a more robust system for the registration of your events.

With the utilization of WordPress plugins, you can expand the functionality of your website to incorporate event registration and everything that goes along with it, from creating tickets to these events to pairing an event with a location on a calendar. These event registration plugins are simple do-it-yourself tools that provide you with the means of registering all of your events, managing and collecting customer information, setting custom pricing and ticket models, and promoting your events through social media, all from an easy-to-use back-end dashboard.

When you have an event or an events calendar to manage, you want a WordPress plug-in that can keep up with you and your calendar. Fortunately, there are lots of great WordPress plug-ins that can help with event registration and management on your WordPress website!

12. Sell Tickets – Event Ticketing and Event Registration – Ticket Tailor for WordPress [4k+ installs, 4 stars]

Ticket Tailor for WordPress

With more than 4,000 installs and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, Ticket Tailor is an effective ticketing and registration WordPress plug-in for your events. It allows you to turn your WordPress site into an online ticketing and registration system with great features that keep your event registration and management operating smoothly. Some of the features of this plug-in include:

  • Embedded registration forms
  • Multiple ticket types for events
  • Low fees
  • Compatibility with PayPal or Stripe
  • Automatic sending of e-tickets and QR codes for attendees
  • Barcode scanning system to scan tickets at the event

The ticketing component of this WordPress plug-in set it apart from other event registration plug-ins, allowing you to combine two features seamlessly for your website’s event management.

Download the Ticket Tailor WordPress Plugin

11. WP Event Manager [300+ installs, 5 stars]

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is both an event registration and management plugin that is designed first and foremost to provide you with a lightweight plugin that also comes equipped with all of the event management features that you may need. The WP Event Manager is fully scalable with WordPress websites and allows you to create shortcode lists for all of your events, which means that you can embed files and create lists with a single line of code.

One of the primary benefits of this plugin is that it’s compatible with almost any theme on your website, allowing you to avoid those frustrating compatibility issues. This plugin is fully responsive with mobile devices and is outfitted with cross browser support that extends to Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Each of the listings you create for an event can be tied directly to a website or e-mail address, providing attendees with the ability to register to your events. Some of the additional features available with the WP Event Manager include RSS feeds, event categories for easier organization, the ability to assign event locations, and the ability to add, categorize, and manage all of your event listings through the WordPress UI that you’re most likely already familiar with. A premier feature of this plugin is the fact that it offers advanced functionality through a variety of add-ons that include event calendars, event alerts, Google Maps, contact organizers, and Google Analytics.

Download the WP Event Manager WordPress Plugin

10. Event Monster [300+ installs, 5 stars]

Event Monster WordPress Plugin

Event Monster has more than 300 installs and is rated 5 out of 5 stars. This WordPress plug-in is designed specifically for your event registration and comes complete with an elegant design and smooth integration. This plug-in will ensure that people can register for your events easily and effectively so you can manage registration with a complete mobile-friendly design. Some of the features of this plug-in include:

  • Easy to use user-interface
  • Complete responsive design with custom design options
  • Keep your events page clean with a hidden registration form and customizable “register” button
  • Customizable confirmation email to follow-up with registrants
  • Easy cancellation with an unregister link in emails
  • Entries can be saved in a database to easily manage your event registrations

These features, when paired with the Events Calendar plug-in, make this plug-in a valuable event registration plug-in for your event management needs.

Download the Event Monster WordPress Plugin

9. My Calendar [30k+ installs, 4.5 stars]

My Calendar

My Calendar is a WordPress event management plugin wherein the primary feature provides you with the means of creating event calendars for each event you host, which are compatible with the WordPress Multisite feature. These calendars can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as by event locations, specific categories, or author. They also offer a My Calendar Pro version that includes additional functionality such as the ability to create a blog post that’s tied to the event you’ve just created, extra search features, and the ability for users who are logged in to edit all of their events directly from the front-end.

The base version of the My Calendar plugin includes list and grid views of events from the calendar, customizable templates for each event, a mini-calendar for compact screens on mobile devices, and the ability to view your calendar of events by either daily, weekly, or monthly view. You can also schedule many different types of recurring events, providing you with the ability to avoid creating a new listing each time the same event pops up on your schedule.

Download the My Calendar WordPress Plugin

8. Event Organiser [40k+ installs, 4.5 stars]

Event Organiser WordPress Plugin

With more than 40,000 installs and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, Event Organiser is a high-quality WordPress plug-in for your event registration needs. The purpose of the plug-in is to manage your event seamlessly within your WordPress site. This plug-in allows you to create events with the same functionality as posts with additional features so you can manage your event effectively. Some features of this plug-in include:

  • Repeating events, even with complex schedules
  • Assigning events to specific venues
  • Compatibility with Google maps for venues
  • Calendar widget
  • Event list widget
  • Event agenda widget
  • Color-coded and categorized/tagged events

With the user-friendly interface that offers the same versatility as writing a post, this WordPress plug-in takes the guesswork out of event registration and management on your website.

Download the Event Organiser WordPress Plugin

7. Quick Event Manager [5k+ installs, 5 stars]

Quick Event Manager

The Quick Event Manager is a very simple event creator that is very useful when adding event registration and management functionality to your WordPress website. This simplicity is what differentiates this plugin from all others on this list, as all of the events you create are listed in shortcode and the standard settings page for this plugin offers you the ability to alter how each event is displayed.

One of the primary features available with the Quick Event Manager is the availability of a wide array of different styling and layout options to ensure that your events appear exactly as you’d like them to, matching your theme and branding colors/style.

These events can be displayed as a list or with a calendar, while the inclusion of event maps will pinpoint the location of each event on a map. An event registration form is built directly into the plugin to ensure that prospective attendees can quickly register whenever they want. A couple of downloading options are also available to you that allow you to either download the attendee report to your e-mail or download events directly to your calendar for easy access.

Download the Quick Event Manager WordPress Plugin

6. Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions [7k+ installs, 5 stars]

Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

Membership & Content Restriction is a comprehensive plugin that is designed to assist you with event registration through the ability to create and manage paid member subscriptions to your website, which you can combine with additional event registration plugins.

The primary selling point of this plugin is that it offers you everything you require to setup paid member subscriptions through the inclusion of such features as the ability to manage all members, accept payments from members, create a variety of subscription plans, and content restriction, the latter of which allows you to restrict access to certain areas of your website with premium content, allowing you to provide an incentive for user subscriptions and lead generation for your inbound marketing efforts.

With the Membership & Content Restriction plugin, you can restrict certain information about events to only the users who have registered to them. Some of the user restriction options include displaying content based on whether or not the visitor is logged in, showing content to members based on which subscription plan they have, and using a shortcode to setup the display of partial content. The ability to manage all of the members will also help when attempting to manage subscribers who have registered to your event.

Download the Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions WordPress Plugin

5. All-in-One Event Calendar [100k+ installs, 4.5 stars]

All in One Events Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar boasts more than 100,000 installs and 4.5 out of 5 stars, making it a popular and highly-rated WordPress plug-in for your event registration. This plug-in focuses on creating an event calendar that can be shared with visitors to the site so they know what events are coming up soon. Some features of this plug-in include:

  • Front-end submission form
  • Twitter integration
  • Assigning events to specific venues
  • Ability to import/export events
  • Repeating events, even with complex schedules
  • Color-coded and categorized/tagged events

This all-in-one WordPress plug-in not only helps you with your event registration but with all aspects of event and calendar management for your website!

Download the All-in-One Event Calendar WordPress Plugin

4. The Events Calendar [700k+ installs, 4.5 stars]

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar has more than 700,000 installs and is rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. This professional-level event calendar manager provides a high-quality plug-in backed by the support of a hands-on dev team. This plug-in is not only versatile to handle all your calendar needs, it is easy-to-use even for people who are new to managing websites or with limited HTML experience. This popular plug-in provides everything you need for effective and easy event management for your website. Some features of this plug-in include:

  • Easy to create new events, even with no programming experience
  • Compatibility with Google maps for saved venues
  • Upcoming events list widget
  • Exporting capability to iCalendar and Google Calendar
  • Search capabilities

This extremely popular WordPress plug-in is not only easy-to-use, but has great compatibility with other plug-ins so that every aspect of your event registration and management will be exactly what you need it to be.

Download The Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

3. Calendar by WD – Responsive Event Calendar [30k+ installs, 4.5 stars]

Calendar by WD

Calendar by WD is a free calendar plugin that offers an extensive feature-set to assist you with the creation and registration of events. This plugin is built entirely responsive for mobile devices, which ensures that it will scale to the resolution of the device that it’s being accessed on.

With this calendar plugin, you will be able to manage any event that you add to the calendar and can make registration and signup forms for the event in question. Whether you’re organizing a meeting, summit, concert, or conference, this plugin allows you to configure a wide range of settings. You can set up recurring events with a few clicks of your mouse and are provided with an unlimited amount of calendars to use.

You can add any number of events and calendars to your website that you require, placing an upcoming events calendar on multiple pages. These events can be displayed in list view, while the plugin also provides you with the option of placing multiple events on a single date.

Once you have added an event to your calendar, you can place a large amount of information into each event listing, including the time, date, venue, names of anyone who has organized the event, and a picture or video that’s being used to advertise the event. When you have a recurring event, all you need to do is add the dates and the number of times it’s going to be recurring, after which the calendar will display the new information without requiring you to micro-manage separate event listings.

Download the Calendar by WD WordPress Plugin

2. Event Espresso 4 Decaf – Event Registration Event Ticketing [2k+ installs, 4.5 stars]

Event Expresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso 4 Decaf is a fantastic plugin to install if you are looking to reduce the amount of time you spend managing your events and the user registrations, as it allows you to manage all of its tools and features via the default WordPress dashboard. By using this event manager, you will be able to sell tickets for events, conferences, and workshops all from the dashboard of your WordPress site and create new events from the admin area.

Anyone who purchases a ticket or wishes to signup for an event of yours can do so once you have created the event. You can craft signup forms as a means of collecting information from anyone who registers for your event. Once prospective attendees have signed up, this plugin will allow you to manage all of the registrants as well as export registrant data.

If you require additional functionality beyond the core capabilities of the free plugin, Event Espresso 4 Decaf offers a premium version of their plugin that provides you with such features as event check-in once each registrant has arrived, the ability to set multiple ticket and pricing options, and an event calendar for enhanced organization of your events.

Download the Event Espresso 4 Decaf WordPress Plugin

Event Espresso also offers a paid plan for businesses looking to use some of the plugin’s more robust features including 66+ premium features, add-ons to extend the functionality of the plugin (including MailChimp email campaign integration, PayPal payment processing, printable ticket systems, promo & discount code features and more), and 1 year of software updates and support.

Download the full Event Espresso 4 Pro Plugin!

1. Events Manager [100k+ installs, 4.5 stars]

Events Manager

Events Manager is among the most comprehensive event registration and management plugins available, as it provides you with an array of powerful features as well as flexibility. One of the primary features of this plugin is that you can create single day events with start and end times or you can make recurring and long event registration listings that are designed to cover multiple days. Management of these registrations is included as is the ability to approve or reject anyone who registers to the event.

It’s also possible to accommodate event submissions by guests or members of your website if necessary. Locations for each event can be assigned and viewed at any time, while precise control of how your events are displayed on your website is also available. Some additional features provided with this Events Manager plugin include the ability to categorize your events in a variety of ways, the ability to set certain rules for an event such as its dress code, Google Maps, and the usage of widgets.

If you require additional flexibility when managing your events, a Pro version is available with features like custom booking forms, the ability to include additional payment options such as PayPal, and the ability to offer coupon codes.

Download the Events Manager WordPress Plugin

Need help find the right WordPress calendar plugin for you?

Whether you have a one-time event to plan and manage or want to coordinate a complex, ongoing events schedule, there are great WordPress plug-ins that will work with your website to meet your event management needs. By matching features and usability with your event registration and management needs, you can take your WordPress website to the next level with a plug-in for event registration and management.

Need help? Our team of experienced WordPress developers will help you select the right events management plugin for your business and get you up and running in no time!

Feel free  leave your questions in comments below or contact us today!

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Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller is an entrepreneur and web enthusiast specializing in web design, development and digital marketing. He is a recent graduate of the MBA program at the University of California, Irvine. Feel free to send Bryan a message.

37 thoughts on “12 Best WordPress Event Registration Plugins [Updated Nov. 2021]

  1. Hi Bryan,

    I am looking for an event registration plugin that I can use for my paid event registration. I want it to be compatible with Stripe payment gateway. I need to create a simple, custom form for my attendees including address, professional info, etc. I also need the system to allow me to offer different fee options:
    * Full Event (Thu-Sun)
    * Thursday Only
    * Friday Only
    * Saturday Only
    * Sunday Only

    Ideally, the system would also allow my registrants to invite others.

    Ideally, the system would also allow my registrants to register multiple people by adding registrations to their cart.

    I am fine getting a paid plugin for this.



    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks for your message, happy to help! I’d give Events Manager or Calendar by WD a try (see above). Alternatively, for a quicker and less customizable option, you could use eventbrite.com and embed the forms into your WordPress website. Let us know if you need help with the specifics!


  2. Hi Bryan,

    A great summary of registration plugins. Thank you.

    I’m researching a registration plugin for our new website and was wondering if you may be able to provide some advice? We’re a sports association that runs different sports for kids all year round. We’re looking for a plugin that controls how much to charge per event as well as how many registrations we can accept before a wait list is created. If I can give you an example:

    Say that we are advertising our basketball season that starts on 1 January. The regular fee may be $125 for the season, but we might offer $120 ass an early bird discount if the user registers before 1 December. Between 1 December and 31 December, the fee is $125 and from 1 January, we charge a late registration fee of $135.

    Also, being basketball, a team can only have so many players, so we might limit the number of registrations to 10 and after that, a wait list is automatically created.

    Do you know if there’s a plugin around that can do this relatively easily?



    1. Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your comment!

      In your situation, what I would do is create multiple registration tickets (sort of like tiered offerings) with varying prices (early bird cheapest, normal tickets regular price, and waitlist tickets free of charge) and limit the ticket sales to available seats on the team.

      As far as which plugin to use? It’s a bit difficult to say without knowing your current WordPress website setup as there could be complications with other plugins or your theme. Regardless, I would recommend either Events Manager (also allowing you to set start and stop times to your ticket sales) or Calendar by WD depending on your expected functionality.

      Hope this helps — good luck and let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like us to look into setting this up for you!

  3. We are planning a conference for museum docents from across the state. We need registration capabilities for multiple times on two days. We also need to be able to set a limit on attendees for sessions. . . so if the limit of one particular session is 20 people, and the 21st person will then be sent to a second choice of sessions for that time slot.
    And, really important, we need to be able to have a report showing what each individual attendee registered for each time slot as well as what he/she ordered for the luncheon.
    We have Premium WordPress but may upgrade to Business status. Any advice on a plugin?

    1. Hi Clare,

      Thank you for your comment. I believe Events Manager will do the trick — simply create different events for different days with different types of tickets for each time slot. You can also limit event ticket count and add user options (meal preferences) to the tickets so you know exactly what your attendees have ordered.

      Hope this helps — let us know if you would like any assistance with setup & implementation!


  4. Hi Bryan,

    I am creating a website for local teams to sign up for sports tournaments. I have the plugin SportsPress Pro and have monthly tournaments would like to integrate a sign up sheet to automatically pair with this plugin. Any Suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ted,

      I’m not entirely familiar with the SportsPress Pro plugin so I don’t know how exactly their system would integrate with your website. You may want to reach out to them directly regarding integration as the plugins listed here are all fully compatible with most any WordPress installations.

      Let me know if you are not able to get anywhere with the SportsPress Pro plugin authors and I’ll see what I can do to help you out and dig deeper into this.

      Thank you for your comment!


  5. Hello Bryan,
    Just a quick one, is any of these: WP Event Manager or Quick Event Manager free? or with free features?

    1. Hi Cornelius,

      They’re all free — some have paid features which allow you to extend the features of the plugin but the free versions should be enough to accomplish basic event management tasks on your WordPress website.

      Hope this helps!


  6. Do you know of a plugin that interfaces with a membership plugin? I run an alumni club and need the ability to sell tickets at different prices based on membership level and status.

    1. Hey MP,

      #4 on the list Membership & Content Restriction (https://wordpress.org/plugins/paid-member-subscriptions/) can be combined with event registration plugins to accomplish what you’re looking for. We’ve also found success with Paid Memberships Pro (https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/) by creating user access levels and integrating an event registration feature on membership-restricted pages.

      Hope this helps, feel free to contact us if you need help!


  7. Many thanks for the analysis. I have to connect an event manager to a custom badge generation APP, which I currently do through a SOAP API. Do any of the wordpress event manageer plugins provide API access to registration data?

    1. Hi Adrian, many of these plugins are meant to be plug and play — for more custom integration you may need to look into a solution that pulls custom field data from the plugin. Try taking a look at Events Manager or Event Espresso’s library of paid addons for added customization.

  8. Hi. I’m looking for a plugin that will integrate with Eventbrite for a one day conference. I need to be able to have ticket purchasers select their schedule once they purchase. The day would have 4 sessions with 3 programs in each session – so we want them to select appropriate sessions and not schedule confilicts. any suggestions?

  9. Hello,
    I have a club site with multiple golf outings. I’m looking for a user registration or RSVP plugin that will take yes, no responses and display a matrix of invitees (members) and show on the events page who responded yes, no, or not responded. I want to allow members (logged in users) to change their response and have the matrix automatically update. I’m using ultimate member and have tried multiple rsvp plugins, but nothing meets all my needs. any ideas?

    1. Hi Larry,

      Have you tried Events Manager? WordPress will handle the user registration and the events plugin will show registered attendees. You may also want to look into the paid addons that come with plugins like Event Espresso for a more Facebook-events- style event… you could also use Facebook Events on your business page and embed the event on your site via Facebook embed code. Hope this helps!

  10. Hi Brian,
    I am working on a registration site for 2 trade show events for our vendors and customers. We want to build a WP website with forms that will be able to cross-reference the info in our data base and auto fill the forms at least partially. Do you know any plugins that could have a search function at the beginning of the form and that would be able to connect to our database of customers? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Martina,

      What you’re looking for sounds like you may need something a little more custom that has capabilities beyond these plugins.

      What I would recommend (if you wanted to go the plugin route) is to segment out your customers to specific landing pages with unique signup forms that relate to them. That way you could pre-populate these forms with different, customer specific information.

      Hope this helps! Feel free to email us directly if you’d like to discuss building a more custom solution.


  11. Hello,

    I need a plugin to add to Woocommerce store with the event registration possibility. So, the admin creates event, the client goes to the registration form – fills name, nickname, car, model, year, chooses tyre opiton (slick or street), enters tel number and e-mail and accepts the terms. After that he can go to payment. After the payment has been made, the client name goes to the “registered racers” list. I already have the shop working and payment system also works (not paypal, local provider here in Estonia). What kind of WP plugin should I use?

    1. Hi Arved,

      I don’t think you’re looking for an event registration plugin, it sounds like you may need something custom built (unrelated to event registration) that queries your database and stores user information. I don’t believe any of these plugins will accomplish what you’re trying to do.

      Good luck!


      1. Thank you for quick answer. But what makes this so unique? If I would skip the automatic list on registrants displayed, but just sell registrations with 5-6 custom fill-in-boxes?

        1. Hi Arved,

          This post is about event registration plugins (setting up pages and ticketing for local attractions, shows, classes, etc.) — you’re looking for ecommerce plugins unrelated to events. I recommend checking out WooCommerce’s repository of plugin extensions (we’d like to keep this post on topic so we’ll leave it to you to further explore your search).

          Good luck!


  12. Hello Bryan,

    First, thanks for the comprehensive article.

    I’m looking for an plugin that will allow registration for workshops at the conference.

    The conference has about 40 workshops over 3 days, some of the workshops take place simultaneously. And all of them require early registration.

    Some workshops require special conditions:
    for example:
    1. Limit the number of participants.
    2. An equal number of men and women.
    3. Create a waiting list.
    4. There are follow-up workshops that require participation in previous workshops.

    I’d love to know which of these plugins can work for this purpose?
    And can the specific adjustments be made convenient?


    1. Hi Sujay,

      I believe any of these plugins will do, they will allow you to limit the ticket sales and to separate tickets out by gender you could create separate ticket types for each event. Many of these plugins also have waiting list and subscribe features (included or as addons).

      Good luck!


  13. Bryan –
    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been a long-time user of WP Events Planner but the developer has stopped supporting it. I’ve been using it to register teachers and students for an annual conference and I’m struggling with finding a replacement. Teachers complete the registration for their school and selects from a drop down list of classes and contests for themselves and the students they are registering. I’m collecting about 10 fields of data for each name and then exporting this out as a CSV file to import into scheduling software we use. Registrations are capped for students but not for teachers. I’ve been playing with RegistrationMagic and Events Manager but I’m not sure either one will do exactly what I need. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Oh hi Mark,
      I’m sure Events Manager or Event Espresso (free) can handle this — with many of these plugins you can add in custom selection options and limitations to registrations based on user accounts. Hope this helps!

  14. Hi Bryan,
    I’d like an advice from you.
    Our case: A sport club with aprox. 100 members, we participate on dozens of events during a year and prio an event we need to collect a list of the members to participate with their selection of e.g. accommodation type, chosen category to run, chip number, a comment … So each member has to have possibility to register to the event and set selections (options are pre-filled, based on the member WP registration settings – this is optional, but good to have) . Possibility to cancel individual registration (by the member himself) of change it (change options). Export of registered members. Show already registered members for the event of a page. Show reminder for end of registration date for the event(s). Events list is prepared by administrator each year (updated during the year). No tickets, No payment.
    In summary:
    Event configuration
    – possible to set registration deadline (different to date(s) of the event)
    – set event type e.g. local, national, international
    – set multi-date event
    – optionally – separate registration for event’s stuff, now we manage it by creating the same event to register only for organizers (volunteers)
    Registration to the event:
    – only signed in (club) member can do registration
    – custom registration form, can be a template for all events
    – option to select specific dates in a case of multi-date event
    – pre-filled options in registration form based of member’s data e.g. chip number, category
    – cancel/update registration to the event
    – export of the registered members with selected options
    Display data;
    – show already registered members on a page
    – show reminder of upcoming deadlines e.g. deadline to register is withing 3 days/week
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Martin,
      I believe Events Manager will work for you, when users register for an event, they can access and manage their attendance through their own login of the WP dashboard. Most of the functionality you’re looking for I’m sure this plugin can handle — with a few tweaks and perhaps combination of other membership plugins (Paid Memberships Pro off the top of my head) — I’m confident you’ll be able to meet all of your requirements. Feel free to get in touch if you need help with this setup!

  15. Hi Bryan,
    Thanks for all this helpful info. I have a prospect who has only ONE event a year (expert day) – they would have their approx. 90 attendees to be able to register/enrol via registration form.
    – So no payments only register, maybe cancel their event registration (if possible).
    At the same time they would also like to have an option for restricted membership but still without payment plan.
    First, I thougt the Event Monster (Pro Version but couldn’t find price and they only have 300 installations) would do the clue or Membership (but here I assume I need an additional plugin for the events, right?)
    One requirement for the registration is to export the attendees to CSV (but here I assume all plugins are able to export the data)
    Which plugin would you recommend for this one-year-event? It should also be affordable.
    Any hint or recommendation is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance,

  16. Thanks for compiling this list. I’m looking for a plug-in with similar requirements to Sujay Shemesh. Except my event has a requirement of purchasing a ticket to the event before any tickets to a workshop may be purchased. Event Expresso has this feature but is limited as to the quantity of workshops available. Tickera also has this function but you must complete the event ticket purchase in order to purchase workshop tickets. I have ruled out event bright as too expensive.

  17. I run an association that hold annual reunions. I currently use a plugin called Event Registration but is old and not supported. I need a plugin where members can register for a weekend reunion and enter names of their party. The reunions are multi evented, and members can choose which events/dinners to attend. Hopefully where a dinner is selected, all members of their party can select what they would like to eat from a specific menu. Can you help at all??

    1. Hi Colin, typically — with event registration plugins, you can add additional custom fields for things like menu selection, numbers of attendees in party, etc. For a free solution — I recommend looking at Events Manager. If that doesn’t suit your needs, take a look at Event Espresso Pro — it has a robust library of features you can add on to the core plugin for a small fee. I’m confident with a little customization, either of these plugins will work well for you. Feel free to email us if you need help with customization!

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