The footer on your WordPress website is an integral aspect of the overarching design even though the element is oftentimes overlooked by other website owners. While the majority of users won’t glance at the footer of your website, it’s able to add some professionalism to the design. The most common pieces of information that are placed in site footers include:

  • Popular posts from the site blog
  • Advertisements
  • Copyright details for the site itself
  • Links to other essential pages on your website

If you implement links to other pages in the footer of your website, you will effectively enhance site navigation for users, which should help you reduce bounce rates. Placing a well-designed footer on your WordPress website can go a long way towards adding to the style and sophistication of your website.

It’s also important to have a nice WordPress footer because it’s an element of the website that your competition could easily overlook, which gives your WordPress site an advantage. When you’re trying to design a great footer for your site, it’s recommended that you use a quality plugin to assist you.

These plugins can provide you with the tools and features you require to design a valuable footer. The following offers a detailed look at 11 of the best WordPress footer plugins that you can use for your site.

1. Ultimate Footer Builder

Ultimate Footer Builder is considered to be an add-on for the highly popular Visual Composer plugin. This plugin provides site owners with the ability to create an unlimited number of layouts and designs for their footer section. It’s also compatible with all WordPress themes, which means that you shouldn’t have an issue integrating it into the rest of your site design.

This plugin has been designed with responsive functionality and is made to be very quick, which means that it won’t have an impact on the load speed of your site. Additional features include unlimited colors and powerful shortcodes.

This plugin is easy to use and only costs $23 for a regular license. If you want to have flexibility with the footer plugin that you choose, this plugin is the way to go.

Download Ultimate Footer Builder

2. Monarch Social Plugin

Monarch Social Plugin is a fantastic social sharing plugin that provides website users with the ability to share your site content and follow the site via the footer area of your website. This is a highly flexible plugin that allows you to customize practically every element of the footer section. For instance, you have complete control over the placement and design of the social media buttons that you implement into the footer section.

This plugin also comes with a powerful admin options panel that provides you with an extensive number of options for the plugin. This plugin can be easily placed into the footer of your website via a widget.

Analytics data is also included, which means that you can track how well the footer section is performing. The price for this plugin is $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access.

Download Monarch Social Plugin

3. StickyFooterNav

StickyFooterNav - Responsive Mega Footer

StickyFooterNav is a simplistic yet highly useful footer plugin that provides site owners with the ability to create a stylish footer menu for their website. When you want to send users to other areas of your website, this plugin will give you the tools needed to do just that.

The many features that are included with the footer plugin include:

  • A powerful mega footer system
  • 100 percent responsive functionality
  • Three drop-down options
  • A clean design
  • Custom scrollbars

A one-year license of this plugin can be purchased for just $4.

Download StickyFooterNav

4. WP leFooter

WP leFooter - WordPress SlideUp Footer Plugin

WP leFooter is an elegant footer plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a footer area that slides up. Every aspect of the plugin is customizable, which means that you can tailor the design to your exact specifications.

The main features that are provided with the WP leFooter plugin include:

  • Five pre-defined themes
  • Five pre-defined textures
  • Easy widget integration
  • Numerous color options

If you want to purchase this footer plugin, it costs $16 for a yearly license.

Download WP leFooter

5. YITH Footer Banner

YITH Footer Banner

YITH Footer Banner is the perfect plugin to use if you want to add a banner advertisement to the footer section on your website. Among the best aspects of using this plugin is that it’s completely free, which allows you to sample the plugin without spending any money. While this is a very simple plugin, it provides a useful backend option for site owners who want to start placing banners on their website.

Download YITH Footer Banner

6. Genesis Footer Builder

Genesis Footer Builder

Genesis Footer Builder is a very popular plugin because it’s fast, secure, and SEO-friendly. When you want to quickly customize the footer of your website, this plugin gives you all of the tools to do so with ease. Shortcodes are also available for additional customization.

The main features of the Genesis Footer Builder include:

  • Being able to edit the credits text
  • Being able to customize the copyright area
  • Being able to add disclaimer and privacy policy pages

This plugin is free to use and only needs to be downloaded before you can install it on your WordPress site.

Download Genesis Footer Builder

7. WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is a comprehensive email opt-in plugin that provides site owners with a widget that can easily be positioned in the footer section of their websites. If you offer an email subscription option with your website, including an opt-in form in the footer should increase sign-up rates. You can customize most aspects of this plugin, which can be done via an admin option panel.

Along with an appealing design and unlimited colors, some additional features of this plugin include:

  • Popup animations
  • Custom HTML
  • Popup previews

The annual price of this plugin is $19 for one site, $29 for three sites, and $49 for unlimited sites. You can also purchase an unlimited membership for this plugin, which costs $99 for one site, $197 for three sites, and $420 for unlimited sites.

Download WP Subscribe Pro

8. Header and Footer

Head, Footer and Post Injections

Header and Footer is a simple yet robust plugin that gives you the ability to add any kind of HTML code to the footer section of your website. For instance, you could place code for Google Analytics into the footer section. A notable benefit of using this plugin is that your footer code won’t be lost if ever you switch to a different theme.

You can also use this tool to add a code at the bottom of the page that will pave the way for banner ads. When you want to use this plugin, all you need to do is download it since it’s free to use.

Download Header and Footer

9. Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Headers and Footers is an effective footer plugin that allows you to insert various types of code to your footer section. This code can be anything from custom CSS and Google Analytics to Facebook Pixel. This plugin is very easy to use and is designed to streamline the process of adding code to your website.

When this plugin is installed, you can insert any script into the header and footer sections of your website without difficulty, which means that the plugin accommodates both JavaScript and HTML. This plugin is free to download and use.

Download Insert Headers and Footers

10. Footer Mega Grid Columns

Footer Mega Grid Columns is a free footer plugin that provides site owners with the tools needed to customize and design the footer that was provided with their theme. When you have installed this plugin, you will be able to add additional content to the footer while also creating numerous grids and columns in the footer.

Several other things that you can place in your footer when using this plugin include:

  • Social media links
  • Search bars
  • A widget menu
  • A calendar

You can also set the color of the text, title, and background, which gives you complete control over the appearance of the footer on your site.

Download Footer Mega Grid Columns

11. Footer Putter

Footer Putter

Footer Putter is a footer plugin that comes equipped with a large number of useful customization options. Even though this plugin comes with many features, it has very quick performance. Two notable elements of this plugin include a trademark widget and a copyright widget that you can place in the footer.

You can also add privacy and terms, your telephone number, and the contact info for your business. Widget visibility control and HTML5 support are included as well.

If you feel like this plugin is the right one for you, it’s entirely free to use, which means that all you need to do is download it and install it onto your WordPress site.

Download Footer Putter

Bringing It All Together

black flat screen computer monitor and gray wireless mouse

It’s important to have a good WordPress footer for your website because it adds to the professionalism of the site while also providing you with a great location to place ads, links to other pages on your site, and copyright information. A good footer can make your website easier to navigate, which should increase customer conversions and lower bounce rates.

There are also a wide range of additional steps that you can take when you want to improve site performance and customer conversion rates. For instance, making the website responsive will allow the site to be accessed on every device without requiring you to make an additional site for smartphones.

You can also install plugins that are specifically designed to help improve site and page speed. If you want site visitors to convert into customers, you should provide them with a website that’s optimized properly and is catered to their needs.

The aforementioned plugins can help you design an effective footer for your website without requiring you to learn code or design every facet of the footer on your own, which is why you should install one.

If you need some professional help customizing your WordPress website, contact Bryt Designs today.

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